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About Us

Couriers for Cheap International & Australian Delivery

We started Ship2Anywhere because we could see that, despite the promises, all-round good service in the freight industry is increasingly hard to find. Since the start, our aim has been to provide professional service built on responsiveness, flexibility and enthusiasm.

We deliberately set out not to be just another courier company, another freight forwarding company or another shipping broker. We set out to be all of these things and much more: shipping specialists – nothing more, nothing less.

Flexibility is central to our approach. We’ll deal with a one-off eBay parcel as happily as a regular corporate requirement. International or domestic: it makes no difference to us.

Ship2Anywhere is here to push the boundaries, to challenge the shipping industry to do things differently. Give us a try and you’ll find out that we mean business.

Couriers for Cheap International & Australian Delivery