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Ship2Anywhere Booking Process Explained

Ship2Anywhere Booking Process Explained

This step-by-step guide outlines how to make international and domestic bookings on the Ship2Anywhere website.

Published on 18 Aug 2012

Step One - Instant Shipping Quote

To make an international or domestic booking, visit the home page of our site and enter in the following information:
  • Sending From Country
  • Sending From City / Postcode
  • Sending To Country
  • Sending To City / Postcode
We also require you to enter in the length, width, height and weight of the package(s). After you have completed this step, press the "Quick Quote" button to obtain an instant shipping quote.

 Step Two- Select Service

After selecting the "Quick Quote" button you will be directed to the "Select Service" page which will display a range of shipping options available for you to select for your booking. If you are happy with the shipping quote select the "Book Now" button to continue with the booking process.

Step Three - Address Details

Once you've selected your courier service you'll need to enter the address for collection and delivery.

We will also need you to tell us if you are the Sender, Receiver or Other ( Third-party). We need this information so we know who to send the shipping documents to.

Step Four - Package Details and Collection Time

In this section we require the date and time you'd like the package(s) to be collected.

Same day collection is possible for most Central Business District locations if booked before the general cut off time of 2 PM.
Non CBD locations in QLD and WA may be serviced by a third party carrier on behalf of DHL and may require a booking in advance and an all day pickup window.
For these locations, please contact our Customer Service team for specific instructions. If uncertain, we can also check for your areas specific cut off time.

In addtion, we need to know what item(s) you are sending and if you'd like insurance.
In this section, you can opt to increase your insurance for the item(s) you're sending.

Please note: Bookings made after 2 PM will automatically default to the following date for collection.

Step Five - Payment Information

The payment section provides you information about the total cost of your shipment. You are then required to enter in your credit card information to pay for the order. Once you have paid for your shipment you'll be directed to another page where you'll be able to download the shipping documentation for your booking. 
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