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Ship2Anywhere Launches New Website

Ship2Anywhere Launches New Website

We are pleased to present to you the new Ship2Anywhere website.

Published on 05 Jul 2012

When we first started Ship2Anywhere, in late 2010, we could see that, despite the promises, good service in the freight industry was hard to find.We deliberately set out to change this and through our range of innovative shipping services (Ship2Anywhere and Ship2AnywhereUSA) we are making international shipping easier and more cost-effective both for individuals and small-medium businesses.
Today’s announcement is the start of many improvements we will be rolling out in the coming weeks and months. In particular, we will be launching our own Shipping API and a range of Shipping Integrations to make shipping parcels internationally or domestically simpler and more cost-effective.
We hope you enjoy our new website and if you have any feedback or improvements you’d like to suggest for the new site, please feel free to email or call us at any time as we’d be happy to hear from you.
If you are new to our website, the video below is an introduction to our business. 

Ship2Anywhere Courier Service from Ship2Anywhere on Vimeo.

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