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Country Guides

  • Shipping To Australia
    Shipping To Australia

    This country guide details useful hints when shipping to Australia. The article provides details on local customs authorities and explains how duty and tax is calculated, along with other useful information.

  • Shipping To China
    Shipping To China

    The list of rules about shipping to China may be as long as the Great Wall of China, but we are here to condense them into bite-sized pieces!

  • Shipping To France
    Shipping To France

    The France country guide provides an overview on what’s involved when shipping to France. The article details the differenced when sending from without or outside the European Union.

  • Shipping To Germany
    Shipping To Germany

    The German country guide provides details regarding shipping items to Germany. The guide details the strict customs procedures Germany customs enforce, which must be meet when shipping there.

  • Shipping To Italy
    Shipping To Italy

    The Italy country guide details information regarding how to ship goods to Italy. Before shipping to Italy make sure you read the restricted items needing prior approval for importation.

  • Shipping To Japan
    Shipping To Japan

    Konnichiwa, minnasan! (That’s ‘Hello, Ladies & Gentlemen!’ in Japanese.)

  • Shipping To Qatar
    Shipping To Qatar

    The Qatar country guide details important information to be aware of when sending goods to Qatar. In particular Qatar customs have very strict processes and regulations.

  • Shipping To United Kingdom
    Shipping To United Kingdom

    This country guide provides useful information to consider when sending goods to the United Kingdom. The guide details customs information, how to send personal effect and much more.