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Shipping To Australia

Shipping To Australia

This country guide details useful hints when shipping to Australia. The article provides details on local customs authorities and explains how duty and tax is calculated, along with other useful information.

Published on 22 Apr 2014

Country Information

Capital: Canberra

Language: English

Time Zone: UTC +10 (AEST) / UTC +11 (AEDT)

Calling Code: +61

Currency: Australian Dollar

Unit of Measure: Centimeter and Kilograms


Customs Information

Government Body: HM Revenue and Customs


Contact Number: +61 2 6246 1325


General Information

Australia government charge duty and tax to both individuals and businesses. There are exemptions when duty and/or tax are not charged based on the item being imported, the quantity, value and reason for import. Generally all items being imported under $1,000 AUD are duty and tax free. Note: this excludes a number of items like tobacco and alcohol.

There are some concessions when importing unaccompanied personal effects (UPEs) to Australia. UPEs include personal and household items being imported to Australia. When importing UPEs you need to complete an Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement form, which can be obtained from Australian Customs. This form is used to declare the goods are UPEs and will be used by customs to assess if the goods can be imported duty and tax free. Further information can be viewed here

Import tax in Australia is charged as GST (Goods and Services Tax), which is always 10% of the value of goods. Duty is also charged as a percentage based on the value of the goods

Australia participates in a number of free trade agreements. Free trade agreements with participating countries mean that some goods receive duty and tax concessions and in some cases the goods can be imported duty and tax free. Details on the current free trade agreements can be found here

When importing goods purchased over the Internet there are a number of things to consider. Multiple Package imports to the same receiver can be classed as one shipment resulting in customs combining the value of the packages and applying duty and tax to the total value, not each individual product.

There are a number of prohibited and restricted goods that can not be imported, refer to the following link for an up to date list of goods.

Australian customs very closely monitor the import of counterfeit and copyright protected goods. Importing such goods can lead to legal prosecution

All goods imported into Australia are subject to x-ray and other manual checks by customs authority. 

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