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Shipping To France

Shipping To France

The France country guide provides an overview on what’s involved when shipping to France. The article details the differenced when sending from without or outside the European Union.

Published on 24 Apr 2014



Country Information

Capital: Paris

Language: French

Time Zone: CET – Central European Time

Calling Code: +33

Currency: Euro

Unit of Measure:Centimeter and Kilograms


Customs Information

Government Body: Douanes Et Droits Indirects


Contact Number: +33 1 72 40 78 50


General Information

All shipments are subject to import duty and taxes when imported from outside the EU, this applies to private and commercial shipments. Duty is calculated ad valorem rate (a percentage) on the value of the goods, shipping and insurance. Other items are charges at a specific rate per piece or weight. Further some selected items are charges at a compound rate which is a combination of ad valorem and specific rate.

France has a minimum threshold for duty and tax, anything with a total of goods not exceeding €22 will be duty and vat exempt. Anything with a total of goods between €22 and €150 will be duty exempt, however VAT will still apply.  

French customs also charge excise duties on luxury goods. These include perfume, tobacco, alcohol and more.

France requires all entities importing or exporting commercial shipmates have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. This was introduced after September 11 2001 and is used as a mechanism to establish secure trade. The same EORI number can be used throughout all European Union (EU) countries.

France has strict import policies via EU rules when importing feed and food products from Japan. For more information speak with French Customs.

If you are importing food from other countries you will more then likely need an import permit from Service des Titres du Commerce Exterieur (SETICE).

If you are seeking duty exemption or preferential duty when importing from within the EU, A EUR 1 Form may be requested from customs. This form is used to detail the goods being imported and the origin of the import.

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