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Cheaper Excess Baggage Options

Cheaper Excess Baggage Options | Ship2Anywhere

We understand that sending your excess baggage via airlines can be expensive, that’s why we now offer a door-to-door excess baggage service.

Published on 26 Jun 2012

To receive a quote to send your excess baggage, you will need to know the dimensions and weight of your item.  Once you know the dimensions and weight head over to our instant quote form, where we will provide you with a live quote.
When sending excess baggage overseas, you may be liable to pay import duties and taxes. We strongly advise that you contact customs in the importing country, and ask if duties and taxes apply to unaccompanied baggage.
To ensure you goods arrive at the destination safely please consider the following when packing you bags. 
  • Don’t send any fragile items.
  • Don’t send any restricted items
  • Make sure the bag has an address tag attached, we will also provide you with a shipping label to attach. 
Sending luggage overseas generally take 2-4 business days, the only delay you may experience, will be customs delays. e.g. screening packages for restricted items.
Next time you over pack on your holiday, make sure you check out our excess baggage rates. We promise you won’t be disappointed.
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