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DHL Document express

DHL Document Express

DHL Document Express applies to documents and mail the same DHL logistics expertise used for international parcel shipping

Published on 20 Jun 2012

DHL Document Express allows mail to be sent in a number of ways. Urgent documents can be shipped via any of the wide range of DHL express services including DHL Jetline and DHL Secureline for emergency carriage on the next flight out. The various Time Definite services can also be used enabling your documents to be delivered by a guaranteed time on the next available business day. Similarly, DHL Document Express can be used for domestic letter delivery and for document import via the DHL Import Express network.

DHL GlobalMail Business is a more specialised service for document delivery. This service provides pick up of your paper-based international mail from your door. Your mail is then sorted and stamped by DHL’s specialist mailing service. Depending on your choice of standard or priority delivery, your documents are then injected into the standard mail service or shipped via DHL to the destination country. In the destination country, the local postal network is used to make the final delivery. This is a reliable and economic way of posting international correspondence.

As with all DHL Express services a range of options are available with DHL Document Express, including insurance, delivery to remote areas, non-standard (e.g. Saturday) delivery and so on.

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