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DHL Worldwide express

DHL Worldwide Express

Whether your parcel needs to be shipped internationally right now or less urgently, the DHL Worldwide Express system has a service to meet your needs.

Published on 20 Jun 2012

Where a shipment is a one-off requiring packing and preparation resources which you don’t have, DHL Express can organise the entire process including packaging, labelling, paperwork and, of course, shipping. Non-standard shipments in terms of weight, shape or size can also be accommodated by the highly flexible DHL Worldwide Express network. This includes shipment of dangerous goods (within a limited range): DHL holds certification for the shipping of various classes of dangerous goods in line with domestic and international regulations.
A feature of DHL Worldwide Express is DHL’s ability to service remote areas, whether they be rural or just hard to reach. DHL can meet almost any challenge thanks to it’s broad network all over the world.
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