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Packaging Advice

Packaging Advice | Ship2Anywhere

To ensure the safe arrival of your parcel to its destination we suggest you follow the below procedures.

Published on 26 Jun 2012

  • Choose the correct size of package according to its contents.
  • Select high quality cardboard boxes.  Extra-strength cardboard boxes are always a good idea for fragile items.
  • Use strong tape to secure and seal your box. Use fillers like crumpled newspapers, bubble wrap or foam to fill voids and prevent movement of your goods inside the box during shipment.
  • Consolidate small parts or granular products in a strong sealed container, such as a plastic bag.
  • Fragile items- Wrap product (s) individually with at least 3cms of bubble wrap or foam material so it fits nicely into the box.
  • Special requirements- Wrap pressure-sensitive tape completely around the object.
  • Sealing and labeling your product- Use adhesive tape at least 4cm wide for light weight packages.
  •  Repack your goods securely. Goods sold in decorative packaging will not be suitable for shipping.
  • Protect your data discs, audio and videotapes with self cushioning around each item.
  • If you are re-using old boxes, try to remove all previous labels and stickers. 
Below are some labeling Don'ts you should try to avoid when packaging your items.
  • Don't cover the sender or receiver information with labels or an airway bill.
  • Don't place tape or shrink wrap over labels.
  • Don't wrinkle, scratch or mark the label or bar code.
  • Don't wrap a label around the corner or directly on the edge or seam of the package.
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