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Will I have to pay duties and taxes

Will I have to pay duties and taxes

A common question first time importers or exporters have, is whether they will need to pay any import duties or taxes in the receiving country.

Published on 20 Jun 2012


To answer this question, every country has its own laws regarding duties and taxes. Some countries will charge a tariff while others wont. Most countries will charge duties and taxes if the shipment is for commercial purposes, as apposed to a personal shipment e.g. gift.


In order to find out if you will need to pay and duties and taxes we recommend contacting customs in the receiving country. Customs are a government agency that governs all goods coming in and going out of the country. If you are importing to Australia you will need to contact the Australian Customs.


If duties and taxes are applicable to your shipment, customs in the importing country will contact the receiver and explain the charges. Note that all payments for duties and taxes are made directly to customs and not through Ship 2 Anywhere.


It is the responsibility of the shipper to find out if duties and taxes are applicable, it is also the responsibility of the shipper to pay and duties and taxes.  


If you have any questions regarding duties and taxes, excluding specific rates for shipments please contact us, we are always happy to answer your questions.

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